INSTIGATE : EXCHANGE, a new series of collaborative works for 2016



… A few Rules

… A few Rules is the working title for a new collaborative series I’m currently working on with the fabulous 3D artist Ian C. Taylor (b. 1945, Derby). Taylor works primarily with found objects and puts them together in interesting ways to make considered sculptures, to cleverly visualise plays on words, and to create humorous critiques of canonical art history (with its most celebrated artists in tow).

The project is currently under wraps, but the resulting series is due to be shown for the first time in Summer 2016. We are both pretty excited about it, as well as cursing each other behind closed doors. The ultimate aim is to push us both into new territory while uniting our shared passion for found objects and interesting materials. For me, the project represents a wonderful opportunity to work with such a prolific and accomplished Yorkshire artist.

For more info, watch this space!