Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA) taxidermy research article

Please take a look at this short article hosted by the Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA) concerning my taxidermy research.

The article can be found here.

2009 156

An ‘escapee’ taxidermied grey wolf on the fringe of the ‘Living Planet’ gallery, Great North Museum: Hancock (2010). © Image by the author.

A Rather Limited Entomology Case: Update

So I had a moment available to add the collection data and pin a couple of (now dry) lepidoptera specimens today, they look so much better with all the setting pins removed!

Butterfly 2 Sept 2014

It is always going to be a struggle getting decent specimens when I only use insects that have expired naturally. However, I’m happy with my ethics, and that is an important part of my work.