Conference: Refloating the Ark

On the 17th June I had the pleasure of presenting a paper entitled Unwinding the Binding: Interpreting Taxidermy Practice & Making use of Damaged Mounts for Refloating the Ark: connecting the public and scientists with natural history museums – A conference held at Manchester University and orgaised by Manchester Museum (17–18 June 2015).

I was the last speaker of the first day, and it was always going to be a challenge to follow the really insightful (and charismatic!) speakers before me; especially since so many of us were on the same page that the same ideas cropped up over and over again! However, I think the fact that the same themes kept recurring really demonstrated how natural science professionals and enthusiasts really are starting to think in parallel with one another, as well as being smart about it to boot. The conference was really enjoyable, and the questions that followed at the end were stimulating and thought provoking. The main aim of the conference was to debate and ‘explore how museums can fulfil their potential to support environmental sustainability, and connect people with the natural world’.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any great pictures myself, but here are a few taken during my presentation that ended up in the Twittersphere #RFArk