Taxidermy: Creativity, Curation, Context & Care

Image © Sean Dooley

On Friday, 18th July 2014, I attended Taxidermy: Creativity, Curation, Context & Care, a conference organised by the Natural Science Collections Association (NatSCA) at UCL, UK. There were some great presentations from Errol Fuller, Merle Patchett, Joanne Hatton, Jazmine Miles-Long, Andrea Roe and Sean Dooley.

Some interesting issues were raised about the subject, and of course, a few of the more contentious elements  of  the practice were discussed and debated. There was a  strong interdisciplinary mix in attendees demonstrating how taxidermy continues to connect museums and museum professionals, with artists, collectors and academics.

Thanks to NatSCA and the organisers for another insightful event!


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