Selected Projects & Publications

Andrews, E., ‘Pretty Sparkie! – (Re)presenting an Animal Celebrity’, in Objektivität und Imagination: Naturgeschichte in der Kunst des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts, ed. by Annerose Keßler and Isabelle Schwarz (Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2018), pp.251 – 270.

Andrews, E., ‘The Animals went in Two by Two: Shifts in the Classification and Display of Taxidermy in the Seen and Unseen Spaces of Public Museums’, in Museum Storage & Meaning: Tales From the Crypt, ed. by Mirjam Brysius and Kavita Singh (London: Routledge, 2017), pp. 184-197. 

Events & Exhibitions Coordinator
Hebden Bridge Community Association
Hebden Bridge Town Hall
September 2017 Onwards

Taxing Times
Seminar Paper for:
Bringing the dead back to life: How to display museum natural science
University College London
22nd September 2017

Curator of After the Flood: Rebuilding Elland Bridge 
Smith Art Gallery
12th August – 11th November 2017

Meet the Artists 
Water Street Gallery, public talk
18th June 2016

Curator of Imaging Eden: The Flora & Fauna of Leeds Art Collection 
Smith Art Gallery
16th April – 25th September 2016

Cabinets of Curiosity: The Art and Science of Taxidermy (Paper)
Conference of the Curious, Calderdale Museums
21st September 2015

Curator of Cabinets of Curiosity: Taxidermy a display case showcasing some of the rarely seen natural science collections of Calderdale Museums.
Bankfield Museum
1st August – 3rd October 2015

Curator of What is Steampunk? An exhibition of Steampunk photography & costume by a selection of UK based Steampunk artists as part of the exhibition: Cabinets of Curiosity
Community Gallery, Bankfield Museum
1st August – 3rd October 2015

Unwinding the Binding: Interpreting Taxidermy Practice & Making use of Damaged Mounts (Paper)
Refloating the Ark: Connecting the public and scientists with natural history museums
Manchester University & Manchester Museum
17–18th June 2015

Guest Curator of In Memoriam: Reflections on War, an exhibition of works by Martin Waters
Part of the WWI Centenary Commemorations at Dean Clough Mills, Halifax.
17th January – 26th April 2015

Stilled Life: The Art and Science of Taxidermy
Café Scientifique Public Lecture
Dean Clough Mills
3rd December 2014

Andrews, E., Reflections on Shifts in the Display and Use of Taxidermy in Contemporary Museums in Northern England, Taxidermist, 37, December 2014, 8-10

Made by Me
A five day art workshop in association with Void Arts
Eureka! The National Children’s Museum
July-August 2014

Natural Nostalgia
Public Seminar (host), as part of No Time for Nostalgia
The Tetley
July 2014

Andrews, E., Interpreting Nature: Shifts in the Presentation and Display of Taxidermy in Contemporary Museums in Northern England (unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Leeds, 2013)

Extreme Worlds (contributor)
Documentary series produced by Beyond, Sydney, Australia for the Discovery Channel
New Galloway
February 2013

Andrews, E., Reflexive Displays: Interpreting Taxidermy Practice, NatSCA, 23, December 2012, 59-63

Andrews, E., (Book Review) The Afterlives of Animals: A Museum Menagerie ed. by Samuel Alberti (Charlottesville and London: University of Virginia Press, 2011), NatSCA, 22, March 2012, 83-84

What’s with all the stuffed stuff?…Taxidermy Animals! (co-author)
Learning and Participation
Leeds Museums and Galleries (Artspace)
March 2011

Andrews, E., Report of the 34th Annual Conference of the Guild of Taxidermists UK, 18th-20th March 2011, Taxidermist, 34, 4-5

Andrews, E., The Biographical Afterlife of the Leeds Tiger, (unpublished master’s dissertation, University of Leeds, 2009)