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Gift After Tula

An explanation for the short series of drawings that constitute ‘Gift After Tula’, 2015.

A tragedy happened to me, or more accurately to a taxidermied bird I mounted up for a friend, back in 2014. Within days of having presented my friend with the work, appropriately entitled ‘Gift’ as that is what it was, my friend’s half-feral pet cat named Tula decided to add her own creative flair to the delicate little bird. The results were not pretty. Naturally, my friend was horrified that Tula the curious cat had decided to pay the taxidermied bird a visit.

When Gift was returned to me I was probably less upset than my friend, since, at the forefront of my mind remained the notion that cats will be cats, and nature had once again won out. The poor stuffed bird of course was the overall loser, having been attacked by no less than two cats, one in its life, and another in its preserved, taxidermied afterlife.

Upon inspection it was clear to see that the object was beyond redemption, but I was reluctant to throw it away, because even though irreparably damaged, so much of the bird remained intact. The work previously entitled ‘Gift’ is still recognisable as a bird, and areas that may be considered abject when damaged, specifically the face, remain intact.

In response to the damaged bird, I developed this short series of illustrations entitled ‘After Tula’, which aim to represent the fractured yet beautiful broken bird as it now exists… after Tula.

Collage, pen, pencil & ink.

A4 – A3


2 of the 7 remain available for purchase.