Literally celebrating a new chapter

My article entitled: ‘The Animals went in two by two’ (pp. 184-197) in ‘Museum Storage and Meaning: Tales from the Crypt’ (Routledge Research in Museum Studies) is now published! This and starting a new job earlier in the month mean it has certainly been a busy few weeks.

It’s always nice to get hold of an actual copy, and mine arrived this morning. Here’s a photo of Mr. heirloom modelling it. 

Museum Storage and Meaning is available to purchase around the world, both from Routledge and from third party sellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble (US) and Blackwells (UK). It is available in Hardback (978-1-138-06597-0), and eBook formats (various ISBNs). The eBook is available from the Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBook Store and from our partner eBook provider, VitalSource.

Upcoming collaborative exhibition this Summer! INSTIGATE : EXCHANGE …A few rules

Fellow artist Ian C. Taylor and I are thrilled to announce the dates of our collaborative exhibition ‘Instigate: Exchange’ at Water Street Gallery, Todmorden. We have been working on this project for over a year, and are so excited to show you lots of new works!


…favorite animal representations

I have been thinking about featuring some of my favorite animal representations, the things that I have laying about the house and refuse to get rid of. Simple, but wonderful. See John Berger’s seminal essay: Why look at Animals? (1977) – Always a source of inspiration, despite its age.