Hello 2019! New Exhibition: Hebden Bridge Town Hall

We’re starting the year running with another show. A few select works from our ongoing INSTIGATE : EXCHANGE project are presently on display at Hebden Bridge Town Hall – the fabulous community hub of the town!

The show runs until 7th Jan – 2nd Feb 2019, and all works are for sale.

Featured: After the Archaeology of Knowledge

A Rather Limited Entomology Case

We have a small collection of cased entomology at home. It’s mainly lepidoptera, but there are a few other things in there too, bees, beetles etc. It’s small because I don’t kill creatures for the collection, and so the only time I  add to it is when I encounter an already deceased specimen that is still in a good enough condition to be preserved for display.

Today I  stumbled upon  a butterfly in good condition which had expired on a footpath above Hebden Bridge.  If it dries out ok, hopefully it will make a nice addition to our (rather limited!) case.


Hebden’s Wild Orchids

Yesterday I went for a run (much more like a jog in my case) along the Rochdale Canal and encountered these beautiful flowers, I suspect they are a type of wild orchid? If you know what they are please do share. They were a little hidden, but I really hope that other people have had the opportunity to see and enjoy them too.