New publication: Pretty Sparkie! – (Re)presenting an Animal Celebrity

For anyone interested in the representation of working class identity in the North East, and/or the cultural identity of natural history specimens, I have written an article for this recently published book concerning the social history of Sparkie the Budgie from the former Hancock Museum, (now Great North Museum: Hancock), UK. The publication can be purchased in digital and printed formats here, huzzah!

Violet ground beetle

While on a toad hunt today (which is a story for another day), I came across a big, beautiful Violet ground beetle. I would have liked to have got some better pictures of it, but they are quite fast movers!

Violet Ground Beetle Oct 14

Apparently there are two types of Violet ground beetle, Carabus violaceus, and Carabus problematicus.  While I wouldn’t like to try identify this beetle from my quick encounter with it, I do think that ‘Carabus problematicus’ is certainly one of the more memorable taxonomic names!



Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA) taxidermy research article

Please take a look at this short article hosted by the Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA) concerning my taxidermy research.

The article can be found here.

2009 156

An ‘escapee’ taxidermied grey wolf on the fringe of the ‘Living Planet’ gallery, Great North Museum: Hancock (2010). © Image by the author.